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Welcome To Eddys Goat Place of NE Texas

Home of Quality Purebred and American Mini Nubian Goats

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                     Welcome to Eddys' Goat Place

                 Our farm is located approximately 20 miles east of Jefferson Texas off of Hwy 49.
                 We are within the Tri-State
area serving Arkansas, Louisiana as well as Northeast Texas.
                 We sell 5th and 6th generation
Miniature Nubians .

Due to health issues I am very late in posting pics and prices for 2014 kids
. Also my E-Mail account was hacked and I consequently lost my mailing list
. I apologize to all that were expecting a call after kidding. It could not be helped.

2014 was another record breaking year for multiples--5 sets of Quads! This was also the first year to use my new stud
B-52's Maverick,adding new blood to the herd. He threw some beautiful kids! In addition to the 2014 kids I still have 3
bucks from 2013 for sale at a discounted price.



Eddys' Goat Place is the result of my great friend and neighbor Eddy Ailstocks' efforts to selectively breed the perfect miniature Nubian goat.
I was privileged to have been part of this process over the past 6 years.

Eddy passed in August of 2011 leaving me the honor of maintaining the quality of the herd and to continue improving it where I can.

I believe he succeeded in his efforts to breed the beautiful Nubian features into the herd.